The Talent Alliance supports several joint initiatives designed to enable employees to transition to open positions within any of the three organizations as they look to advance in their careers. Here is what is happening so far:

Recognizing Time Worked

When employees move from one Talent Alliance organization to another, they will receive credit for years worked in the other organization(s). Benefits like time off and retirement contributions will be calculated based on the employees’ total number of years worked at any Talent Alliance organization.

Here are some stories of how the Talent Alliance has benefited employees and strengthened the sector:

  • alpert-karenAfter advancing up to Director for Measurement at Hillel International, Karen Alpert was ready for a new challenge. When she heard that a Senior Director position at BBYO was opening, Karen saw a great opportunity to take the next step in her career. BBYO recognized Karen’s time worked at Hillel, and she is thrilled to continue serving as a Jewish professional.

    “When the position opened at BBYO, I got really excited at the possibility of taking my career to the next level, while staying the Jewish community. I’ve worked for over 17 years in a Talent Alliance organization—that is a lot of history and tenure I can take with me each time I transition to a new opportunity.”

  • Andrew GibbsAndrew Gibbs became the Israel Education Coordinator at Arizona State University Hillel after three years in Development at BBYO. He has discovered a passion for engaging college students around Israel, and is growing professionally. Andrew carried service time over to Hillel from BBYO, and received the benefits package that four-year employees get.

  • laura-hemlockLaura Hemlock enjoyed her job at the University of Buffalo Hillel, but she wanted to move back home to New York City. BBYO gave her an opportunity to do just that. Now the Director of the BBYO Big Apple Region, she continues to create meaningful Jewish experiences for students. Laura’s benefits package from Hillel applied immediately to BBYO.

    “It just became the right time to make a move. I knew I wanted to stay in the Jewish nonprofit world and I was looking to do similar work. BBYO was a really natural next step, and the Talent Alliance was like a warm welcome hug when I made the move.

  • Rachel HillmanRachel Hillman made the leap to Northwestern University Hillel after rising from an entry-level to senior level position at BBYO. The Talent Alliance helped her make a smooth transition between organizations, and enabled her to continue her passion of making Judaism relevant for the next generation. When Rachel is seeking her next job at a Talent Alliance organization, her time at BBYO and Hillel will both be recognized.

    “I was drawn to Hillel jobs because the missions of both organizations are so aligned. It felt like a natural and easy transition and really felt like home.”

Highlighting Career Paths

The Talent Alliance is committed to helping employees map out career paths in the Jewish sector. As a starting point, we created a consolidated map of positions across the three organizations, ranging from entry to executive level, and covering a variety of specialties, including programs, development operations and management.

The map is designed to bring transparency about roles within each organization and to illuminate potential career paths both within and across the organizations of the Talent Alliance.


Setting Standards for Growth

The Talent Alliance is and will remain committed to investing in meaningful professional development for our teams. All three organizations currently offer select training and leadership advancement opportunities for staff at all levels and also host annual all-staff conferences that emphasize professional development.