Coaching is a powerful tool for unlocking your potential. These recommended coaches can help you identify strengths, address areas for growth and make progress toward your goals. Check out their profiles to learn more.

  • Adam Schmidt

    Adam Schmidt comes to the field of professional coaching and development with more than fifteen years of leadership and consulting experience. Throughout his career, people development has been a passion for Adam. He has an exceptional ability to guide others to overcome obstacles – both real and perceived. His capability to translate the diverse work and personal experiences of his clients into tangible resources for personal and professional growth allows him to succeed with individuals from varied backgrounds and professions.

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  • Annette Rubin

    Annette Rubin, based in Boston, is a Certified Professional Coach, founder of Coaching to Potential and is part of the Richard Levin & Associates network. She is a strategic partner; passionate about helping others create their own success, guide their own development, and become dynamic leaders. Her exceptional combination of passion, interpersonal skills and management expertise has made her an outstanding nonprofit leader and coach.

    Annette believes that challenges are opportunities for growth. She has helped nonprofit organizations and professionals meet their challenges, strengthen their leadership and strategic skills, clarify values, create a vision for the future and develop goals and an action plan for change. She supports nonprofit leaders, both staff and board, to enhance individual and team performance, improve working relationships and achieve success.

    Annette’s clients have called her astute, thoughtful and intuitive – a creative, seasoned leader and coach. Her coaching services have been a powerful professional development tool for staff and leadership and have led to positive culture change, enhanced productivity, improved management and more effective leadership.

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  • Annie Frome

    Annie Frome helps leaders and teams focus their attention on the right activities and solutions by helping them improve their thinking. Her clients are able to focus their attention on new possibilities, reflect and gain insight, then move into action. She is passionate about helping create smart, pragmatic solutions, and empowering clients through transferring learning, for enduring results. Clients work with AFI, during transition or change, to help make better decisions, to translate those decisions to actions, and deliver sustainable success.

    Annie coaches leaders, executives and individual contributors who are new to an organization or moving into new roles; she helps new teams come together and assimilate; conducts new leader assimilations and ensures organizational structure and supporting systems are in place. Clients appreciate the collaborative, creative, hands-on approach to traditional change management.

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  • Brandon Maslan

    My passion lies in helping individuals and teams determine their strengths, vision and accomplish their goals. Through thousands of coaching hours and more than one hundred training sessions and workshops with Fortune 1000  companies, including SalesForce, Intel, PayPal, Disney, Mattel, Netsuite and CBS, I’ve helped people advance in their careers, inspire their teams and empowered others to take action and follow their dreams. In working with top  global companies across a wide variety  of industries, I’ve partnered with various divisions to help create action-oriented roadmaps for success that align with the goals of the leadership.

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  • Ellen Chernack

    Ellen Chernack, based in Virginia, is a leadership coach and organizational consultant specializing in not-for-profit organizations.  Ellen has two decades of experience as a fundraising professional. She has held many positions throughout her professional career, including CEO of The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, Virginia. Recently, Ellen has served in a consulting capacity to the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County and the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, providing interim executive leadership and philanthropic direction to their fundraising campaigns.

    Ellen is a highly motivated professional who offers her clients customized consulting services and helps them develop strategic business and fundraising plans. She has organizational experience in all facets of non-profit governance with emphasis on designing and implementing development and fundraising initiatives, managing relationships with donors and volunteers, and, assessing organizational alignment.

    Ellen is a part of the Richard Levin & Associates network.

  • Kyla Schneider

    Kyla Epstein Schneider is an executive and life coach as well as a leadership consultant. She is the founder of Solel Coaching & Consulting in Cleveland, Ohio and works with a wide range of executives, middle-management professionals, boards, students, folks in transition – all of whom are working to better their professional and/or personal lives through thoughtful reflection, honest dialogue, a willingness to work and plan and real desire to change their path.

    Kyla brings a unique eye to coaching professionals in the Jewish communal and educational world – her previous work has included synagogue and day school educational administration, teaching, board development and professional development. She sits on the board of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and is highly engaged in Hillel on the local and national level.

    Her philosophy consists of four major tenants:

    – Coaching and consulting engagements consider the whole person and considers every person to be of value and worthy of respect.
    – Slow is Fast, Fast is Slow: When we take the time to be deliberate and careful, change happens.
    – Less is More, More is Less: Choose a place to start. Start small. Make it stick.
    – The journey is as important and meaningful as the destination

    The bottom line is that this is YOUR work, your choices, your power, your being, your future.  I would be honored to be a guide, a companion and a trusted ally on your journey.

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  • Lee Kravetz

    Check out Lee’s video introduction and learn more at his website.

  • Linda Cohan

    Linda Cohan, based in Boston, is an executive coach with over 25 years of experience as a clinical social worker, a human resource consultant and for the past 15 years as an executive coach. Linda has worked with organizations to develop cultures that increase productivity, morale and trust. She engages leaders at all levels to create a climate of leadership that gets results.

    Linda is on the Board of Directors of the Mass Collaborative Law Council (MCLC). She was part of the faculty team which led an entry-level training in Madrid, Spain for business and family attorneys in 2013, in Bilbao, Spain in 2015 and in Turin, Italy in October 2016. Linda has also been a speaker at the Massachusetts Bar Association and has presented at the International Association of Collaborative Professionals Forum in Washington, DC. Linda is also a part of the Richard Levin & Associates network.

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  • Rachel Verlik

    I greatly enjoy working with early/mid-career professionals, especially new and emerging leaders. My areas of expertise are varied, but focused on early/mid career professionals, career transitions, confidence, multi-generational workforce, and resiliency. I bring over 13 years of experience in Federal Service, having worked in various leadership and individual contributor roles. I work with several clients of the Jewish sector as part of my current coaching practice. I have a great belief and interest of working with diverse clients of many different races, ethnicities, religions, countries, and sexual orientation. My current client list reflects my great and inherent belief in working with diverse, international sectors and individuals to make positive impact in the world at large.

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  • Rhoda Weisman

    Rhoda Weisman is Dean of the Graduate School in Nonprofit Management at the American Jewish University (AJU). In this role, Rhoda takes the helm of a premier, values driven nonprofit MBA program in Southern California with a 32-year old history. The program educates and places the next generations of leaders dedicated to effecting social change through innovation, leadership, an ever-growing knowledge base, and executive skill sets. Graduates progress into higher level leadership positions within their own organizations and go on to lead others as Executive Directors and C-Suite professionals. They are also increasingly becoming founders of new organizations that meet the pressing social needs of our time. The MBA program caters to working professionals who learn from outstanding faculty who themselves are leaders and change-makers in their fields.

    Rhoda Weisman has 25 years of experience in talent development of Generation X, Y and Millennials in the non-profit workplace and starting, leading and managing non-profit organizations. Dubbed a trendsetter in “next generation leadership development” by both the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times, Rhoda is an expert in leadership growth and training and has been at the forefront of innovation for the Jewish community.

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  • Scott Brown

    Scott Brown brings more than 35 years of experience as a manager and turnaround specialist to his coaching practice. He served as Executive Vice President and Vice President for Talent at Hillel International, where he focused on professional leadership, recruitment and hiring for hundreds of employees and built new programs such as New Director Coaching, Weinberg ACCELERATE and the Cohen Fellowship where professional coaching was an integral tool to support campus leaders throughout the country. Prior to that role, he was Executive Director of Hillel at University of Maryland and Associate Executive Director of the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia.

    Scott is currently coaching both private and organizational clients at UJA-Federation of New York, ACHARAI, AIPAC, Foundation for Jewish Camp, JCC’s and Hillel. Through a distinctive coaching style that inspires reflection and learning through purposeful conversations, he encourages his clients to challenge their assumptions and forge pathways towards success. They make better decisions. They bravely pursue change. They are adaptive and agile. They motivate their teams. They execute plans with vision and vigor.

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  • Sheryl Phillips

    Sheryl D. Phillips, a leadership consultant and executive coach, has partnered with leaders for over 25 years to create more effective and forward-thinking organizations.  Sheryl is on the faculty of the internationally acclaimed Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program (since 2001) and is the Co-Director for the Executive Certificate for Transformational Leadership. Sheryl works across all sectors and has coached many leaders in the Jewish service sector, including Hillel, BBYO, Repair the World, Schusterman Foundation, UJA, etc.  Sheryl’s coaching style has been described as insightful, a blend of persistent and patient, challenging and supportive.  She is known for her good humor, easy manner, southern charm and solid sensibilities. Sheryl spent a decade as a Senior Human Resources Executive, giving her a unique insider perspective on the challenges and complexities of leadership life. Her career focus has been, quite simply, service for the sake of positive change in the world.

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  • Todd Iarussi


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