The Talent Alliance is a partnership program formed to advance the recruitment, training and retention of top talent in each member organization and within the Jewish sector more broadly.

The Talent Alliance includes three member organizations: BBYO, Hillel and Moishe House. It is convened, supported and facilitated by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.


Who Does the Talent Alliance Impact?

The Talent Alliance links networks of more than 800 professionals working in roles spanning 37 countries. Approximately 200 people are hired each year by the three current member organizations combined.

Why Form a Talent Alliance?

The Talent Alliance grew from increasing employee feedback among the three organizations – and beyond – that staff were seeking work outside of the non-profit Jewish communal sector to advance their careers. Spurred by such data, the CEOs of the three organizations, together with the Schusterman Foundation, began discussing an experimental effort to create a new Jewish communal workplace culture.

The goal of the Talent Alliance is to create a long-term career path across three partner organizations, which collectively connect three critical phases of Jewish life from the teen years to college and into young adulthood.

Ultimately, the Alliance members hope this ground-breaking initiative will inspire other Jewish organizations to take a system-wide approach to stewarding talent within a broader shared ecosystem, as well as position the wider Jewish non-profit world as an elite, long-term career choice.